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How to Add Services to HomelabOS

Create Role Folder

Copy an existing role folder like 'inventario' from the roles/ folder, then adapt the values as needed.

Use hardcoded volume paths

All mounted docker volumes should point to a folder named after the service that is using it, and located under /var/homelabos.

Add Service to Documentation

Create a Documentation Page

Each service should have it's own page within the docs/software/ folder. Use existing docs as a template.

Update the mkdocs.yml file with a reference to the newly created doc file.

Add Service to Inventory File

The service needs to be added to 3 places within group_vars/all.

First under the # Enabled List section. All services here should default to False. Next under the enabled_services: section in alphabetical order. Finally under the services: section.

Add Service to README

The service should be added under the list of Available Software.

Add Service to config.yml.j2

In the config template roles/homelabos_config/templates/config.yml.j2 the service should be added in alphabetical order under the # Services List section.

How to Debug a New Service

After a new service has been deployed, run systemctl status SERVICE_NAME to see how it's doing.

If it's not running with an error like (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)

Grab the value of the ExecStart line, and run it by hand. So if the ExecStart line looks like: ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker-compose -f /var/homelabos/zulip/docker-compose.zulip.yml -p zulip up then manually run the bit after the =, /usr/bin/docker-compose -f /var/homelabos/zulip/docker-compose.zulip.yml -p zulip up to see the error output directly.