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Submitting Merge Requests

When a Merge Request is ready to go, add the label Ready for Review.

Only Merge Requests with this label will be reviewed for inclusion. Any Merge Requests submitted with this label that around found to not be ready for merge during the review, will have the label removed. Make the changes/fixes requested then add the label back to the Merge Request to be considered during the next review session.

Developing Locally

You can play around with the stack locally without needing an actual server to spin it up against. First run make config as normal. The local IP and SSH username are not used for Vagrant, so they can be for your real server, or fake. For What is the domain you have pointed at your Homelab server with ports 80 and 443?: enter localhost.

Now run make develop to spin up a local instance inside a Vagrant machine. For easy access to the services run vagrant ssh -c "cat /var/homelabos/homelab_hosts". Append the output of this to your machine's host file (usually /etc/hosts). Now you should be able to access http://servicename.localhost:2280/ where servicename is the name of any services you have enabled in config.yml. If you make changes to the Ansible scripts you can run make provision to run them again.

To deploy just one service you can run make update_one SERVICE_NAME e.g. make update_one zulip

To run just one set of tags you can run make tag TAG_NAME e.g. make tag tinc

Working locally on the documentation

Follow the MkDocs Material Theme setup directions.

Then run mkdocs serve.

To build changes to the docs run make docs.