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Automated Apple Health Import

HomelabOS supports automatically (kind of) importing of your data from Apple Health.

The non-automatic part is you have to manually create an Export from the Health app on your phone.

Once you upload your export to your NextCloud instance, the Apple Health cron task will pick it up within the next hour, and put all the data into InfluxDB. Now you can create nice dashboards in Grafana to visualize and inspect your Health data.


You need to set the NextCloud username that you want to import Health Data from in your host_vars/myserver file. This value defaults to admin the default username created at startup by NextCloud.


Make sure you have NextCloud configured on your Apple device. On your Apple device open the Health app. Click the Today tab, then click the profile icon in the top right of the screen. Now click Export Health Data. Once the export completes, save it to NextCloud. Click Upload with the default settings. It should save to your Files folder with the name

Now in under an hour you should be able to see your data in Influx via Grafana.


You can always open up Portainer and view the Logs of the homelabos_apple_health_influx_1 container to see if things are working or not.


There is no direct access to this service, you can visualize the data through Grafana.