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Monica is an open source personal CRM.


This requires some manual setup unfortunately.

First make sure all the migrations have completed and that accessing the Monica URL below renders a login page.

Once that is done, login to your server and stop the services with systemctl stop homelabos

Spin up a monica specific app by CDing into the HomelabOS Docker folder cd /var/homelabos/docker and then running docker-compose run monicahq shell

Once you are inside the Docker container, run php artisan setup:production then after that's done exit the container. Now you should spin down the DB container left running with docker stop docker_monicahq_db_1.

NOW you should be able to access the Monica URL below again, and be presented with a registration page for the first account.


Monica is available at https://monica.{{ domain }}/ or http://monica.{{ domain }}/

{% if enable_tor %} It is also available via Tor at http://monica.{{ tor_domain }}/ {% endif %}