Technical person from Boulder, CO

About Nick

1986-07-02 Nick Busey


My name is Nick Busey and I am an independent technical consultant in Boulder, CO.


I enjoy building highly available cross browser web applications using the latest best practices and tools for the job, whatever that may be.

I will work with your company to determine what solutions best meet your needs.


Entirely self taught, I’ve had a passion for web development since making my first website in fourth grade. I’ve been freelancing since middle school and have been working in the Boulder startup community since 2006. I am constantly keeping up to date with the latest best practices, technologies, and threats that might affect your online presence.


Email me at nickabusey on Google’s email service, leave me a voice mail at (303) 532-5670, or hit me up on The Twitter.


Web Development

I can help you with everything from simple WordPress setups, to fully fledged web applications.

Software Consulting

I can provide you with the insight and tools you need to make your next software project a success.

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